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    The Skating Party


    “The Skating Party” is the recording project and moniker of Philadelphia multi-instrumentalist, Gregory James. The project began as an outlet to record accumulated songs during breaks from fronting other acts, Ohm Brellas, and Blue Sinatra.

    Over the years, Gregory has worked with producers Brian McTear (Kurt Vile, Dr. Dog) and the Cobbs band (the War on Drugs, BRMC), and toured through the states. In 2013, the Skating Party released their second album “Done with Errors,” as a follow up to 2012’s “Pinbot Wizard.” Both records leaned heavily on Prince-esque synths, vintage Linn Drum beats, and hook-laden guitars in the like of the Cure and Cocteau Twins.

    The third, and most current, full length album, “Drowning the Electric Boy,” was released in late 2014. The songwriting emphasizes more reverb soaked vocal melodies, dreamy guitar lines, and both live and programmed drumming.

    The first single, “Swimmer,” was added to the “Gaze Mixtape,” at Cassette-Rewind, a featured download at “Largehearted Boy” and “Faronheit” blogs, and song of the day at KDHX 88.1 St. Louis. This past June, the “Colorwheel Compilation LP” was released by label imprint, “Hidden Gem Record,” featuring the Skating Party and 8 other acts from around the globe. It is currently getting spins on True Vinyl radio, and making its way to various blog posts like “Austin Town Hall,” “Sounds Better with Reverb,” and “Abduction Radiation,” to name a few.

    In the Summer of 2016, “the Skating Party” released the single “Twin Polar,” split 7” with England dreamers, “the Death of Pop.” Following that single, “the Blog that Celebrates itself” invited the Skating Party to record “Metal Baby,” for its Teenage Fanclub Compilation. (TBCTI loves TFC was voted # 6 for the best shoegaze compilations of 2016 by Shoegazer Alive 9). In January 2017, “the Skating Party” released “Remember the Chain,” as an exclusive single,” to TBTCI Records for the “Violet Dreampop Compilation” followed by the TBTCI Records release, which was Part 3 of the “Who Covers Who” series featuring “the Skating Party” covering “the Death of Pop” and vice versa.

    Kicking of the Summer of 2017, Hidden Gem released a 7” Split with “the Arctic Flow/the Skating Party.” A full length Skating Party album and split cassette/record release with Shiny Happy Records, are both in the works before year-end.



    Sonny Knockout

    Sonny Knockout is an indie rock 4 piece out of Philadelphia, PA. The band formed with the concept of incorporating songs based on layered melodies with the absence of chords, unless absolutely necessary. Their mantra was to create upbeat rock songs, as danceable as possible, without playing “dance music.”

    Their live show consists of a variety of interchanging instruments, from an electric ukulele, synths, and saxophone, to multiple percussive instruments, and a rare accordion. Sonny Knockout’s sound has drawn comparisons from 80’s new wave artists like the “the Talking Heads,” and “Prince,” to newer indie acts like “Ra Ra Riot,” and “Vampire Weekend.”
    The debut EP from “Sonny Knockout,” will be released in the Summer of 2016.



    Ohm Brellas

    Our story begins on a snowy December night in New York City, two thousand and nine. Two kids from Philadelphia known as Gregory and Dana Ohm met each other at FAO Schwartz while they were both trying to perfect “the Final Countdown” on the famous Floor Piano. Little did they expect that performance would end in applause by hundreds of holiday shoppers standing in awe. Afterw…ard, an argument would ensue over which was the better record, Prince’s “Purple Rain” or the Time’s “Ice Cream Castle?” The two would agree to disagree and never touch that subject again. The new found friendship decided that they both had a love of “80’s culture” and should put that to use for all to enjoy. With that said they would reconvene in their hometown and make a record giving birth to the “Ohm Brellas.”

    Both Gregory and Dana both fronted bands in the past and were regulars on the Philadelphia music scene. They admit to playing a show together at one point but either of the two remember exactly when or which venue. Dana fronted the pop punk band “80 Proof Soul,” and Gregory spent the better part of his 20’s fronting “Blue Sinatra,” and touring relentlessly through the greater United States. Having released 3 albums with “Blue Sinatra” and sharing the stage (and occasional after party) with “Gym Class Heroes,” “My Morning Jacket,” & “the Pink Spiders,” to name a few, it was time for a change.

    Together, the“Ohm Brellas,” are a combined, synth-pop driven voyage of happy/sad songs, soft vocals, and layered guitar sounds working together to create something they hope would one day grace the iPod of “Robert Smith.” Their first release, 2010’s “I don’t want your friendship, I want your guitar,” won much acclaim in the blog-o-sphere as well as licensing deals with “Hit Song Central,” “Reality Films,” and television’s “Roadtrip Nation.”

    The duo completed a much more hi-fi sounding follow up EP in the Fall of 2011 titled “Lessons in yearbook signing.” The duo have currently taken some time of to pursue other musical projects but plan on reconnecting for another album in the near future.