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    HG014 “Coming Soon!

    Limited Run, split 7″ lathe cut featuring:

    “Waiting for the right time” by “the Arctic Flow”
    “Tomorrow’s Charade” by “the Skating Party” .

    *Lathe Cut Information for Vinyl Enthusiast Below:




    HG013 “Purchase Here!”

    Sonny Knockout – 14 Months – Digital EP

    The debut 4 song EP by “Sonny Knockout,” featuring:

    Beaches, East Coast, Deluge, & Beyond Tomorrow.

    Soundcloud Link




    HG012 “Purchase Here!”

    Sonny Knockout – Beaches/East Coast
    Limited Run, 7″ lathe cut featuring:

    Purchase includes 4 song download card to the “Thirteen Months” EP.

    Soundcloud Link

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    HG011 “Purchase Here!”

    Hidden Gem Records presents, “Skate or Die!”
    Limited Run, split 7″ lathe cut featuring:

    “Locomotive” by “the Death of Pop” from the U.K.
    “Twin Polar” by “the Skating Party” .

    Soundcloud Link
    Youtube Link

    *Lathe Cut Information for Vinyl Enthusiast Below:


    Vinyl LP


    HG010  “Purchase Here!”

    Colorwheel Compilation Vinyl LP

    Hidden Gem Records presents it first ever compilation featuring:

    TEEEL, the Death of Pop, Young Pharaohs, the Skating Party, Tape Waves, Night Panther, the Arctic Flow, Moon Pollen, & Roman Ruins.

    Partial Soundcloud Link Available on VINYL Only!



    HG009   “Purchase Here!”

    the Skating Party – Drowning the Electric Boy

    The 3rd full length set from Philly’s Gregory James, featuring more reverb soaked melodies, dreamy guitar lines with live & programmed drumming. This is the most cohesive release from the Skating Party to date.

    Sample Track – Strange Holiday Available on CD and Digitally!



    HG008 “Purchase Here!”

    the Skating Party – Done with Errors

    The second album from Philadelphia’s “the Skating Party,” is sure to strike a chord with those interested in catchy songs about life, robots, and loss. This album is sure to make to your dreams pop.

    Sample Track – Ways to Say Goodbye Available on CD and Digitally!



    HG007  “Purchase Here!”

    Fantastic Planet – Night Power

    The sophomore effort, from Philadelphia’s favorite 6 space cadets. This 4 song EP will be sure to keep you looking out the window of your shuttle, wondering if you made the right decision to leave planet Earth. Let each punchy song guide you through the galaxy.

    Sample Track – Mirrors Available on CD and Digitally!



    HG006 “Purchase Here!”

    The Skating Party – Pinbot Wizard

    The debut album from “the Skating Party,” meshes drum loops, swirling guitar and synth lines, with vocal harmonies compressed into a 3-4 minutes song. Think, Erasure meets Magnetic Fields.

    Sample Track – Making Time Available on CD and Digitally!



    HG005 “Purchase Here!”

    Ohm Brellas – lessons in yearbook signing

    The soft-more release by Philadlephia’s self proclaimed, king and queen of “teddy bear pop.” The 4 song EP is guaranteed to keep you warm through the cold Winter months while the full length album is being cooked.

    Sample Track – Mixtape King Available on CD and Digitally!



    HG004 “Purchase Here!”

    Fantastic Planet – Destroy your Master

    “Fantastic Planet” is a 6 piece dance rock, mini-orchestral voyage, whose base camp is out of Philadelphia, PA. Their mantra: to evoke crowds to move their bodies like no other rock opus has before them while breaking the hearts of fem-bots with every sour power chord. Catch this band live.

    Sample Track -Tinman Available on CD and Digitally!


    HG003 “Purchase Here!”

    Ohm Brellas – I don’t want your friendship…I want your guitar

    The 2010, Philly lo-fi synth pop debut, featuring slick beats over fuzzy synths and male/female vocals. The band signed several licensing deals in the year of its release.

    Sample Track – Cruel Cruel World


    HG002 “Purchase Here!”

    Blue Sinatra – We’re All on Drugs

    The final recordings from Philly’s favorite eclectic live band. The third installment from Blue Sinatra was only released digitally by the band before they disbanded in 2009. It is easy to hear the direction that the music was going that would soon divide them. This is the  first record that was produced professionally,  by Ryan & Paul of “the Cobbs,” (Kasabian, War on Drugs) & Brian McTear (Hail Social, Matt Pond). The former members of the band went on to play with Fantastic Planet, Beyonce Knowles, Ohm Brellas, West Philly Orchestra, Philadelphia Slick, Panic Years, and many, many, more. If you are from the  Philadelphia area, chances are, you know someone who was in the lineup at one point.

    Sample Track – Don’t take me home

    I was made in factory


    HG001 “Purchase Here!”

    Life in Pastel – I was made in factory…

    “Life in Pastel” is an archive of early home recordings from G. James, which would later develop into an updated sound with “the Skating Party “. This 18 track collection of lo-fi recordings is one of a kind in its recording and production techniques, and very hard to believe how current it sounds,  being that is was recorded 15 years ago.

    Sample Track – Broken Zeros